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Favorite Book: This Side of Paradise  by F. Scott Fitzgerald (No, not Gatsby)


Current Book: Thinking Fast and Slow  by  Daniel  Kahneman

Favorite Advertisemnt (2022): 'Tip for Heinz' campaign   | Mischief @ No Fixed Address

Current Obsession: I'm starting a blog! (you should check it out!)

Most Loved Toxic TV Couple: Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf (xoxo Gossip Girl)

Life Quote: "The beauty is that through disappointment you can gain clarity, and with clarity comes conviction and true originality." – Conan O' Brien

And you're still reading? Awesome.

Hello there, my name is Garrett and as my page suggests, I am crazy about advertising. I am originally from St. Louis, Missouri (play Gloria!), but to quote Johnny Cash: I've been everywhere.


For me, advertising is a place to pen my personality and wage war against mediocrity. I have always been a storyteller and a nutcase when it comes to digging deeper into the "Why" behind everything. I also love to follow up with the writer's argument: "So what?"

I believe that data-informed creative is the best creative, though, my right brain will never go so far as to say an individual's behaviors can always be defined by numbers and statistics. That's why I bring my artistry, observation, and keen understanding of generational and cultural dynamics into every strategic mix. While I am still learning what it means to be a great strategist, copywriter, or overall advertiser, my joy for learning and unquenchable curiosity is always looking for the next challenge and the right team.



hold on, I need to see that fancy piece of paper

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