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Sweat Where Your Feet Are – lululemon athletica


Until recently, lululemon athletica's main focus has primarily been targeting fit, urban, 20 - 30-year-old women who find their fitness journey in either a gym or a studio. However, my challenge with this promotional tactic was to branch out to a new demographic and location.


So, I targeted athleisure wear for men who exercise in both the urban areas as well as the great outdoors. The goal was to leverage lululemon's emphasis on "Sweat" and promote the idea that lululemon wants customers to sweat anywhere– wherever their feet might take them.

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Urban-focused ads, primarily women

Fun Fact: It was actually with a conversation with my super-cool-mom that the idea to go into nature with lululemon began.
She expressed that the urban-focused brand did not appeal to her nature-loving self. Being a nature lover too, I agreed that the athleisure apparel company could learn a

thing or two from REI or Patagonia. 

Looking at lululemon now, it appears they have arrived at a similar conclusion, as many of their ads and promotions have a greater appeal to nature-lovers than before.


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 lululemon's website

Creative Progression

Draft 1- The Running Man.jpeg
Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 3.24.32 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 3.26.51 PM.png

The focus is all about the cool things the consumers will do with lululemon apparal rather than the quality of the product itself; this is to promote a vision for the target audience who wishes to place their finances on vacations and travel rather than a product.


By showing advertisements of cool and exotic places with lululemon there to support the world traveler, mountain climber, or long-distance kayaker, the audience will associate lululemon with being a quality athletic wear for outdoor activities. The ad also emphasizes how lululemon would rather have their audience worry less about the cost of lululemon, and care more about finding the maximum enjoyment, fitness, and comfort in whatever activity he or she chooses to do – indoors or outdoors.

This new demographic will be reached by displaying quality, exclusivity, and a personal connection to nature-lovers with an emphasis on saving money through offering on-sale items and promotional discounts.

College students and fresh-in-the-work-force men and women are on a budget and full of hopes to see the world while they are still young. So, lululemon wants to help these adventurous individuals achieve their dreams by offering quality products at a budget-friendly price.

This was the first ad campaign I ever worked on–

and while this project goes to show how much more I need to learn about creating good advertisements, it was with this campaign that I developed a love for advertising, realizing for the first time that this is a creative field that I could see myself working and thriving in. 

A lot of these ideas were just that– ideas. While I tried to implement research and reason behind my decisions, it wasn't until after this campaign that I began to realize just how much research goes into making a brilliant ad campaign. 

We all have to start somewhere–
I'm just glad I got to start with a great company like lululemon! 

Interested in seeing the original work that went into lululemon athletica's promotional ad campaign?


Feel free to read through the initial process of developing lululemon's campaign here:

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